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ClaudiaClaudia A. Merandi

Claudia Merandi, retired court reporter/author, of East Providence, RI, is a patient advocate and the founder of the national/international Don't Punish Pain Rally Organization. READ MORE
5 Chedell Avenue / East Providence, RI 02914 / USA 1.401.523.0426

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Your donations allow us to protect the doctor-patient relationship.

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Don't Punish Pain

You may be wondering what we mean by the term "gov't paid rat." As we've said often, one of the main goals of the opioid elimination industry is being played out in courts across the country as we speak. It's what we call the "Litigation Narrative." In addition to MDL (multi district litigation) against pharma, pharmacies, and distributers, there are also a multitude of individual criminal cases brought against doctors, pharmacists, NP's, PA's, etc. by our gov't. State prosecutors often catapult their careers off of prosecuting doctors. Who cares if the doctors actually did anything wrong when they have an excellent chance of career advancement if they target doctors, and probably an even better chance if they actually have them sentenced to prison. There have been hundreds if not thousands of cases against doctors for prescribing. We understand that not all doctors are innocent, but we believe many are.

The cases against doctors vary, but one thing most have in common is they hire doctors as "expert witnesses" to review the medical files to determine if the doctor prescribed outside the scope of practice, committed insurance fraud, or engaged in unlawful distribution of opioids. Basically, they're hired by the government to say the doctor was bad, had bad intentions, missed red flags, and anything else they can say to prove the guilt of the doctor/prescriber. We will write another article explaining what some of these "red flags" are. But, this section is reserved for the government paid rats, the doctors who get paid anywhere from $50-$750/hour to declare the guilt of their latest target. Each person will be linked to more information. Their background, the names of the cases they were hired to review, and the transcripts of these cases. We have chosen Timothy E. King first, because he seems a bit more "ratty" than some of the others. 

Names of Gov Paid Rats

Timothy E. King, MD  - Transcripts from court cases he testified in, link to his ridiculous patent on how to show if a dr violated CSA, info on how much $ he's made as a gov paid rat, and more!!

The Doctor Patient Forum

Claudia A. Merandi 5 Chedell Avenue / East Providence, RI 02914 / USA 1.401.523.0426