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Carrie JudyCarrie is a passionate researcher determined to help put together the massive puzzle that is the crisis of untreated pain. How did we get here? Who’s profiting? What’s standing in the way of restoring the doctor/patient relationship? Carrie believes all patients should have access to all the tools needed to control pain. She’s against conflating pain patients with those that have the disease of addiction, and believes both sets of patients should have top-notch, barrier-free treatment tailored to their unique needs.

In her personal life she enjoys family, dogs, playing her Celtic harp, and doing artwork. She is currently not as able to do many of the activities she once enjoyed due to the implementation of the CDC Guidelines and the MME restrictions that ensued. She does believe the pain community and our doctors are uniquely qualified to out-live, out-smart, and out-science the anti-opioid crew that appear to be running US drug policy.

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