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Fitness Tips



We realize it is so difficult to even consider fitness when we are sick all day every day. We plan to give you tips that you can tailor to your needs. We didn't cause our pain/illness and we certainly can't cure it with diet and exercise. What we can do is make tiny changes to give our bodies the best chance it has to fight.

  • Week #1 - What's the best exercise for beginners?
  • Week #2 - How many days per week should I work out as a beginner?

Week #1 

What's the best exercise for beginners?

Top 10 Tips for Exercise Beginners
Please consult with your provider before beginning any exercise plan/diet
  1. set realistic goals for yourself.
  2. Try to remain Consistent. Results come with a plan.
  3. Don’t do too much too soon. Small goals equal great gains!
  4. Have a set time of the day to achieve these goals. Some people prefer morning, some people prefer late afternoon
  5. I live by two rules: water and willpower. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water and try to refrain from eating out. Try to limit yourself to one restaurant meal a week! Goals are made in the kitchen
  6. Try a new activity. 

Week #2

How many days per week should I work out as a beginner?
1. Try to work out at least three times a week. If you’re able, walking is a free way to achieve your fitness goals. Ask a friend/spouse to join you.
2. Working out more often can lead to quicker results as long as you're smart about it. 
3. Weigh yourself once a week. While we don’t want to be a slave to the scale, it holds us accountable 
4. Have a plan before you go to the gym. 

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