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  • Denial and the Double Standard in Substance Abuse

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    While public health, government agencies and the media continue to rail at opioid abuse, a blind eye is turned towards America’s favorite abused substance alcohol. The excerpt below gives a brief overview of a recent study which shows Alcohol‐Related Mortality in the United States, between 1999 to 2017 have doubled, yet no crisis has yet been declared.

  • Trends in Total Binge Drinks per Adult Who Reported Binge Drinking - United States, 2011-2017


    What is already known about this topic?

    In 2015, 37 million (17.1%) U.S. adults reported binge drinking approximately once a week and consumed an average of seven drinks per binge drinking episode, resulting in approximately 450 total binge drinks per adult who reported binge drinking annually.

    What is added by this report?

    From 2011 to 2017, the total number of binge drinks consumed annually by U.S. adults who reported binge drinking increased significantly, from 472 to 529. Significant increases were observed among adults who reported binge drinking of both sexes, those aged ≥35 years, and those with lower educational levels and household incomes.