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With the support of Don't Punish Pain Rally members, the Doctor Patient Forum has retained the services of the Mayforth Group to plan and support legislative efforts designed to bring greater awareness to state and federal legislators on the difficulties facing the chronic pain community on accessing honest and responsible healthcare. Most chronic pain patients are honest and compliant in the use of opioids for chronic pain conditions. Those who have required opioids in the past or may need them in the future deserve the same unbiased access to healthcare other Americans receive. The chronic pain community should not be viewed or treated like those who abuse opioids recreationally. Those individuals who need them, need them to be functional so they can remain, productive members of society, paying into our system to support efforts for the responsible use of opioids, discourage their abuse, and help those who fall prey to addiction, return to sober living. 

DPPR is publishing this proposal from the Mayforth Group to keep its members informed on these important issues.

Rhode Island pain patient legislation returns in 2020.

Follow WJAR News 10 Rhode Island's coverage of Bill 738 with Claudia Merandi on this link.

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A couple of pro-pain patients’ bills are under consideration in two New England states.

We reported recently on the bill Claudia Merandi has been promoting—one that passed the State House late last year and look promising to pass both houses this year.