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Shortly after I had my colostomy bag reversed, my Crohn’s seemed to be even worse. My weight was up by 25 pounds, I was feeling sluggish, depressed. For years, people told me to change my diet but I was resistant because I didn’t think that diet played a role in Crohn’s disease. Turns out diet played a huge role. Step one in meeting my health goals was to clean up my diet. After doing research, I decided to eliminate bread and pasta from my diet because I noticed that both would leave me feeling bloated. Another change I added to my diet was increasing my water intake. I noticed once I started to drink half a gallon of water daily, it would help combat frequent kidney stones. I had tried different proteins, different spreads but I didn’t like the consistency. Someone at the gym told me to try Hank’s Protein Plus. It was love at first bite!! I prefer the plain. Every day around 12 pm, I eat Hank’s Protein Plus on two unsalted rice cakes with half banana/reduced sugar grape jelly. I take Hank’s with me when I travel because I know what I’m eating and I can still maintain my fitness goals while on vacation. Click on the below and use the coupon code tdpf to receive a 15% discount.

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Use coupon code tdpf to receive a 15% discount.


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