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Authors Lawhem Trescot Nadeau

Richard A Lawhern, Ph.D., Andrea Trescot, M.D., Stephen E Nadeau, M.D.

Point papers are a long-standing tradition in military and government policy making circles.  Unlike most medical journal papers, they are formatted with a minimum of verbiage to summarize an issue for decision making.   The authors write in that tradition, adding references for key points.  We speak on behalf of millions of people in pain and their healthcare providers, who have been predictably and unnecessarily harmed by the 2016 CDC Guidelines on prescription of opioids to adults with chronic non-cancer pain. 


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While public health, government agencies and the media continue to rail at opioid abuse, a blind eye is turned towards America’s favorite abused substance alcohol. The excerpt below gives a brief overview of a recent study which shows Alcohol‐Related Mortality in the United States, between 1999 to 2017 have doubled, yet no crisis has yet been declared.


Dr. Stefan Kertesz, in this Tedx Talks, "We need to measure the opioid crisis differently."