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  • CDC - Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  • CDC GL - CDC Guidelines (usually referring to the 2016 guidelines for opioid prescribing).
  • CNCP - Chronic non-cancer pain
  • CPP - Chronic Pain Patient
  • DPP - Don't Punish Pain
  • EHR - Electronic Health Record
  • HHS - Health and Human Services
  • LTOT - Long-term opioid therapy
  • OIH/OIHA - Opioid-induced hyperalgesia
  • ORT - Opioid Risk Tool
  • PDMP/PMP - Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
  • PROP - Health Professionals for Responsible Opioid Prescribing

PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) is a data base that records all controlled substance prescriptions including opioids, sleeping pills, ADHD medication, muscle relaxers, among some others. The first PDMP was developed in New York in 1918. It is now in all 50 states (as of 2021).  These data bases have been funded by the Department of Justice (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars).

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