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Your donations allow us to protect the doctor-patient relationship.

"Doctors can get wiped out in one fell swoop." ~ Claudia Merandi

Listen to Dr. Wrenn describe what happened to him when his patient, who he was treating for addiction, died. "If you prescribe Suboxone, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't."

Watch Claudia interview pain patient, Connie. Connie has survived breast cancer twice, 30 surgeries, and MS, yet she's had a hard time finding a doctor to treat her pain.

"The few doctors that are brave enough (to prescribe), it's only a matter of time before they get shut down." ~Connie

"We're seeing people in hospice, palliative care, with acute injuries, kidney stones, and nobody is being treated because of the opioid elimination industry. This is a big business; there is a lot of money in suffering." ~Claudia Merandi

Doctors need to have a compliance plan in place in order to stay protected when prescribing scheduled drugs. Please contact Chapman Consulting Group with any questions.

"If you don't follow up on red flags you're being labeled as a criminal prescriber" ~Compliance Officer

"The government has chosen to target doctors instead of the cartels, who are brining in the drugs that are killing people." ~Compliance Officer

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