CaSonya Richardson-Slone CaSonya Richardson-Slone DPF Board Member, Patient Support Specialist
CaSonya Richardson-Slone is a licensed health and life insurance broker and a financial advisor. She specializes in assisting clients with Medicare and under 65 individual and family healthcare plans. She has also worked directly with patients as a patient support specialist in infectious disease with the Department of Health. Early on CaSonya’s career she knew she had a heart for helping others, especially those that needed it the most. She feels strongly that as a humanitarian it’s imperative that she use her voice to fight for others and it’s important that she offer her support with her knowledge, compassion, and expertise.

CaSonya also personally knows what it’s like to care for a disabled loved one that suffers with daily chronic pain and the challenges with making sure they receive adequate quality healthcare. In the fall of 2017, she tragically lost her husband due to a lack of compassionate quality care and a medical mistake. She sued the pain management practice and got justice for her family’s tragic loss. Her firsthand personal and professional experience assists in her advocacy work. She finds it rewarding to use her voice to offer support and guidance for those whose voices have yet to be heard.

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