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Claudia Merandi Claudia Merandi, retired court reporter/author, of East Providence, RI, is a patient advocate and the founder of the national/international Don't Punish Pain Rally Oganization. READ MORE
Bev Schechtman Bev Schechtman, 45, is one of the founding members of Don’t Punish Pain Rally. She grew up in northern New Jersey, and has lived in the Raleigh area in North Carolina since 2009. Bev has been married to Randy for 17 years, and has two teenage daughters, Emma, 16, and Livvy, 13. She also has a 2-year-old Aussidoodle, Griffin. READ MORE
Carrie Judy Carrie is a passionate researcher determined to help put together the massive puzzle that is the crisis of untreated pain. How did we get here? Who’s profiting? What’s standing in the way of restoring the doctor/patient relationship? Carrie believes all patients should have access to all the tools needed to control pain. She’s against conflating pain patients with those that have the disease of addiction, and believes both sets of patients should have top-notch, barrier-free treatment tailored to their unique needs. READ MORE

The Doctor Patient Forum

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