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Some basic facts:

  • If the patient is currently a chronic pain patient and takes daily prescription opioids, the patient is less likely to receive opioids while in the hospital.
  • Chances are the hospitalist is already biased against the patient.

Step by step instructions: 

NarxCare, a product of a company called Appriss, is a proprietary data analytics program. It uses up to 70 data points (that only Appriss knows) and mixes them with your PDMP (prescription history) to assign a 3 digit score letting your doctor or pharmacy know if you have a high risk of abuse or overdose. According to Appriss, "NarxCare aids care teams in clinical decision making, provides support to help prevent or manage substance use disorder, and empowers states with the comprehensive platform they need to take the next step in the battle against prescription drug addiction." Essentially, NarxCare pulls data from multiple state registries looking for red flags of drug seeking behavior. 

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