Claudia MerandiClaudia A. Merandi, 52, is the founder of the national "Don't Punish Pain Rally Organization." Claudia, mom to both Francesca and Ava, is the former owner of Merandi Court Reporting. She's a retired court reporter and self-published author, from East Providence, Rhode Island. 

As a person living with severe Crohn's Disease since a child, she witnessed first-hand the challenges a person with pain encounters when trying to obtain adequate pain management.

Claudia, in 2017, created the Don't Punish Pain Rally Organization focusing on organizing protests/rallies throughout the country for people with pain who could no longer access pain management due to the horrific 2016 CDC opioid prescribing guidelines. She started with five members. Today, there's over 20,000 members across the country. There's chapters in Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Claudia remains vigilant in bringing awareness to the anti-opioid crusaders who are profiting off the overdosing epidemic.  These anti-opioid crusaders have fueled the illicit fentanyl/Heroin overdosing epidemic by misleading governmental officials with false data/opinions, while making millions off the backs of both the addictions and the pain community.  

Today, Claudia works with pain patients, as well as their providers, who have been targeted unfairly by governmental agencies and medical boards. "When taken as prescribed and stored correctly, opioids remain to be safe and effective to treat both chronic and acute pain. You don't become addicted, purely, because you're exposed to a molecule. We must stop this false narrative pushed by media." 

Claudia has a weekly podcast with the United Patients Group.

She can be reached at Claudia Email.

Books published by Claudia Merandi

Dotty on the Potty by Claudia Merandi

Crohn's: The Other 'C' Word: Crohn's Disease, Court Reporting, and Custody Battles (E-Book)

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