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Bev interviews Dr. Jay Joshi (from Daily Remedy) about an extremely important survey and we need your help!

The opioid epidemic has incurred significant clinical and economic toll on the United States. The human impact of the epidemic has adversely affected communities and many employers. We see the impact on the data. Opioid overdoses continue to rise and more potent forms of illicit heroin and fentanyl flood the streets. The trends affect all aspects of healthcare, including the patient-physician encounter, a microcosm of the social ramifications of the epidemic.

But data alone does not capture the perceptions that arise between physicians and patients during a clinic visit. Physicians are concerned about clinical and legal consequences that may arise if they prescribe controlled substances such as opioids to patients. Patients are concerned that their physicians will unnecessarily reduce or outright discontinue their medication, affecting their quality of life and their activities or daily living. As a result, there is an inherent lack of trust that builds between the physician and patient.

These are major concerns. But they are lacking in the health data. To evaluate the impact these perceptions have on broader data trends, we propose a series of short one to two question surveys that glean specific patient perceptions that arise during the patient encounter when discussing opioids and pain management.

How will we do this?

Every week we will release a survey asking one or two pertinent questions on the perceptions patient experience during the patient encounter.

We will stratify the responses per county and state and cross-reference them with existing data to evaluate how clinical perceptions affect or are affected by trends in clinical data.

When will the questions be released?

We will release each question on a Sunday starting October 9th. After that a new question will appear every Sunday for the next 10-12 weeks, excluding holiday weekends.

How can we get involved?

Foremost, take part in the survey. What you think matters. How you feel during a patient encounter is important. Your perceptions determine clinical outcomes.

Once you answer the questions, please share the survey link and repost it across your social media feeds. The more responses we get, the stronger the survey response data.

What’s the first question?

Does your provider trust you?


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