Episode 43 - 2/15/24

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Dr. Stefan Kertesz' Bio:

Stefan Kertesz is a physician at the Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Since 1996, Dr. Kertesz has focused his work on helping populations at high risk of receiving poor care, including people with pain whose care has changed a great deal in the wake of the US opioid crisis. He's certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine. Dr. Kertesz leads the only federally funded study that seeks to examine suicides occurring after prescription opioids are reduced in people with long-term pain. His team does this by interviewing family members or friends who contact his study team

A brief study screening survey is available at https://go.uab.edu/csi

A new interview study seeks bereaved family or friends who believe that they have lost a family member or friend to suicide during or after a reduction in opioid pain medication. Suicides of this nature have been reported, and they represent challenging events to understand. To date, there has been no effort to understand all the factors contributing to these losses, which matters for future prevention.

The federally sponsored study team, affiliated with University of Alabama at Birmingham, offers a screening survey (online at https://go.uab.edu/csiopioids) for people who believe they lost someone. It's voluntary and highly confidential. People who qualify under the screening survey will be asked to consider whether they would like to do a longer interview. 

The CSI:OPIOIDs study is ethically approved by the Institutional Review Boards at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. It is led by Dr. Stefan Kertesz at the UAB Heersink School of Medicine. All data are strictly confidential. Families or survivors who wish to consider participation should enter the screening website at https://go.uab.edu/csiopioids. There is no remuneration for the screening survey. There is modest compensation for the in-depth interview.

The study team can be reached by email at csiopioids@uabmc.edu

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