Episode 12 - 10/24/22

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Claudia and Bev discuss PDMP's (Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs) and NarxCare with Atty. Jennifer Oliva. 

"Professor Oliva’s research and teaching interests include health law and policy, privacy law, evidence, torts, and complex litigation. She has served as an invited peer reviewer for the American Journal of Public HealthYale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and EthicsAmerican Journal of Law & MedicineJournal of Law and the Biosciences, and Big Data & Society and her scholarship has been published by or is forthcoming in, among other publications, the California Law ReviewDuke Law JournalNorthwestern University Law ReviewUCLA Law ReviewNorth Carolina Law Review, Ohio State Law Journal, George Mason Law Review, and online companions to the University of Chicago Law Review and New York University Law Review."

Jenn is on the Science and Policy Advisory Council for NPAC (National Pain Advocacy Center)

Excerpts were played on this podcast that can be found in their entirety in the following links:

NPR show 1A - "Against the Pain: The Opioid Crisis and Medication Access"

"Patients, Privacy, and PDMP's" - Cato with Dr. Jeffrey Singer and Kate Nicholson

Duke Margolis - "Strategies for Promoting the Safe Use of Prescription Opioids"

NPR - "To End Addiction Epidemic" - Kolodny quote

Cover 2 Resources - Gary Mendell

Jennifer Oliva can be contacted on Twitter @jenndoliva

Learn more about Jennifer on her website at uchastings

Jennifer D. Oliva's paper:  "Dosing Discrimination: Regulating PDMP Risk Scores"

Disclaimer: The information provided to you in this podcast is not to be considered medical or legal advice

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