Bonus Episode - 5/2/23

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We are very excited to announce that DPF will be launching a Patreon page very soon!

What does this mean for everything we have offered like our website, podcast, and social media pages?

Everything will stay the same! We will continue to publish our regular DPF podcasts, our FB groups will all remain the same, and we are working on an updated website as we speak. Patreon will be an addition to what DPF offers.

What will be on the DPF Patreon page?

Some of the items you will get on Patreon are extra content - such as video podcasts, behind the scenes content, and coaching calls. You'll see daily posts of important studies, articles, podcasts, etc. There will also be monthly blog posts with important information that affects pain patients and providers.

What will Patreon allow DPF to do?

We recently had to turn down a speaking engagement due to lack of funding. Funding will allow us to take our org to the next level so we can continue to effect change for pain patients and providers.

How many tiers will DPF Patreon page have?

We are starting out with 3 affordable tiers.

When is it being launched?

June 1st is the official launch date, but we are hoping to launch even earlier!

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