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Episode 23

Show Notes

Here is part 1, in case you missed it.

In this podcast, we discuss Tylenol for post-op pain. Is it actually as good as opioids? We interview a pain patient who was offered Tylenol only for breast cancer surgery.

We also discuss suicide due to pain.

Links discussed in this episode

    1. Debate with Dr. Singer and Dr. Fugh-Berman
    2. Article about this debate by Josh Bloom - A Surgeon And A Non-Practicing Anti-Opioid Zealot Walk Into A Bar: The Singer Fugh-Berman Debate
    3. You Take The Lavender, I'll Take The Morphine. More Anti-Opioid Nonsense.
    4. Dr. Kertesz's video with Dr. Fugh-Berman

In this podcast, Dr. Josh Bloom suggested patients send two articles to legislators about Tylenol instead of opioids.

    1. Op-ed article in USA Today by Dr. Singer and Dr. Bloom - Bureaucrats are telling your doctor how to treat pain. And patients suffer needlessly.
    2. Article by Dr. Josh Bloom - Tylenol Isn't So Safe, But At Least It Works, Right?

Other article by Dr. Josh Bloom about Tylenol

  1. Is Tylenol 'By Far The Most Dangerous Drug Ever Made?
  2. IV Tylenol As Good As Moose Urine For Post-Op Pain Control
  3. Oral And IV Tylenol Work *Equally* Well For Hip Replacement Pain - But Do They Work At All?
  4. Tylenol After Surgery? Why The Feds Make Patients Suffer Needless Pain (USA Today)
  5. Oral Vs. IV Tylenol In The Elderly: The 'Let's Kick Granny Down The Stairs' Study
  6. IV Tylenol Bombs For Post-Op Pain Control, In Randomized Controlled Trial
  7. Dr. Aric Huasknecht Responds to SG Jerome Adams' Tylenol Recommendation

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Suicide hotline: 988 or 911

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