Episode 33 - 9/27/23

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Claudia and Bev interview Dennis James Capolongo. Dennis is a retired patient advocate and former director of the EDNC in Washington DC. His 25 year career as a photojournalist came to an abrupt end after having been misdiagnosed with a disc herniation for minor hip pain in 2001. Unfortunately this led to a calamity of errors resulting in two subdural epidural steroid injections using Pfizer's DepoMedrol, an off-label, unapproved application of particulate steroid suspensions. He suffered progressive irreparable harm to his brain, spinal cord and eyes. His efforts at the FDA resulted in new warnings & revisions for all injectable steroids worldwide. Today he spends most days in bed controlling the severe adverse effects of these life-altering, unlicensed pain management procedures.

Although Dennis' org is closed, the videos are still available on his YouTube Channel

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