Episode 37 - 11/2/23

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We often hear from pain patients who were dismissed from their doctor for failing their drug test. They say there is no way the test is right. Ed Brown gives some possible explanations.

Edward Brown's Bio:

Edward G. Brown is a chemistry expert with over twenty-five years of laboratory research experience, over 5 years of patent work experience and over twenty years of experience assisting attorneys in chemistry cases as chemistry expert and expert witness.  His technical and academic background includes the following:

B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley;

Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Davis;

In addition, Dr. Brown received post-doctoral research fellowships from the University of Auckland, NZ and Yale University; he pursued chemical analysis and chemistry research related to methodology development in organic chemistry at those institutions.

Dr. Brown has also worked in a number of biochemical and pharmaceutical companies during his career as a research chemist, staff scientist and senior research scientist; he currently provides clients with in-lab contract medicinal chemistry research expertise as well as patent drafting and expert witness services.

He is a coauthor on over twenty chemistry articles and is a co-inventor on ten U.S. patents.  He has testified in both state and federal courts as a chemistry expert in both criminal and patent litigation cases.

His expertise as a medicinal chemistry expert in criminal drug cases has expanded over the years and includes advising in cases involving:

methamphetamine and amphetamine analysis, manufacture, possession and sale;

fentanyl, opioid and opiate analysis, possession and sale;

cocaine analysis, possession and sale;

LSD analysis, possession and sale;

MDMA and MDA analysis, manufacture, possession and sale;

benzodiazepine analysis, possession and sale;

analysis, possession and sale of synthetic cannabinoids;

and in hemp, THC and marijuana cases.

Dr. Brown currently advises attorneys and other clients in criminal, patent and litigation cases as a medicinal chemistry expert and consultant in Durham, NC.

His webpage can be found at: www.ExpertChemistryServices.com

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