Episode 3 - 8/29/22

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"Interview with attorney Ron Chapman about the targeting of the doctors by the DEA"

Listen to Ron Chapman discuss how prescribers and pharmacists are being targeted by the DEA. He explains how they do it and what a doctor should do if the DEA shows up at their office. He talks about whether or not CPP's can sue the DEA or the CDC. He discusses what the pain community can do to fight back. He explains the RUAN SCOTUS ruling and what it means for prescribers and patients. Also, he touches on whether or not a patient can sue a doctor. Ron has successfully defended many doctors including a recent case, which he mentions. He also runs a compliance company that can protect doctors and pharmacists. This episode is a great resource for prescribers and pharmacists to learn how to protect themselves from being the DEA's next target. 

 Ron has achieved more acquittals of physicians facing federal indictment than any other lawyer in the country. Recently his client was acquitted of a $540 million healthcare fraud indictment in the Eastern District of Michigan. He also achieved a trial acquittal on behalf of a prominent Mayo Clinic physician and secured the return of $6 million in assets. In West Virginia he secured the acquittal of an addiction medicine provider in a federal indictment against a suboxone clinic. Ron has also achieved great success as an appellate litigator, the United States Supreme Court recently granted certiorari and vacated the conviction of his client, a physician accused of unlawfully dispensing opioid medications in Naum v. United States. 

Here are some links of things mentioned in this episode: 

Ron Chapman's compliance firm, www.CCGhealthcare.com

The Suntree Petition 

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