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  • Chronic Pain and Dr. Drew

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  • Don't Punish Pain Rally founder/chronic pain activist starts non-profit

    The founder of the Don't Punish Pain Rally branches out to launch The Doctor Patient Forum. Follow this link 
  • Opioid Prescribing Behaviors — Prescription Behavior Surveillance System, 11 States, 2010–2016

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  • Point Paper for National Centers for Accident Prevention and Control, Board of Scientific Counselors - December 2019 Meeting

    Authors Lawhem Trescot Nadeau

    Richard A Lawhern, Ph.D., Andrea Trescot, M.D., Stephen E Nadeau, M.D.

    Point papers are a long-standing tradition in military and government policy making circles.  Unlike most medical journal papers, they are formatted with a minimum of verbiage to summarize an issue for decision making.   The authors write in that tradition, adding references for key points.  We speak on behalf of millions of people in pain and their healthcare providers, who have been predictably and unnecessarily harmed by the 2016 CDC Guidelines on prescription of opioids to adults with chronic non-cancer pain.