Episode 5 - 9/5/22

Suicide due to untreated pain. CaSonya Richardson-Slone bravely speaks about her husband, Brent

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Brent Slone had been in a horrific car accident where he became paralyzed. He was receiving pain management. In 2017, his clinic cut his pain medicine by more than half at one time. Although both Brent and Sonya did everything they could to fix the situation, they repeatedly were met with no help. Sonya knew Brent was waiting to hear from his pharmacy about a new prescription. Sadly, when she left work and looked at her phone, she saw this text from Brent - "they denied script im done love you."  He died by suicide. Sonya successfully sued the doctors and the clinic, and was awarded seven million dollars.  Sonya is using her voice to tell Brent's powerful story and plans to open a non profit in his name to bring awareness to the plight of chronic pain patients. We will update the notes here to include the information of the organization when we have it.  

From the show: 

Kolodny's quote about suicide due to pain being bogus

 Maia Szalavitz's article about Brent 

Link to the article about Brent Slone on our website

Alabama suicide study

Suicide hotline: 988 or 911

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